All you need to know to play chords on the piano

Play 100s of chords easily without having to memorize them by heart!

Piano chords
Made easy

Learn how to form and play 100s of chords on the piano,,
without having to memorize them!

Playing chords opens up a whole new world.

 You will be able to play thousands of songs, learn to improvise or even to create your own songs easily.  The thing is that the information about chords is a bit everywhere on Internet so you have to search each you want to learn a new chord.  

But with this chord book, you can have all the most common chords at your hand at any time.  

And the formulas to form hundreds of them in any key.

You don’t even need to be connected and you can print them out to put the sheet on your piano instead of having to use a computer or your phone!

 No more headache finding the right webpage or trying to remember your chords.  

You just to download the FREE ebook and you’re good to go!